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Let's make marketing easier for you

Would you like to increase your marketing returns?
Are you up for managing your marketing communication plan on your own?
Do you need guidance and a starting point?

Why do marketing yourself?

Solving problems is something you do daily as an entrepreneur. It is also the starting point of marketing: providing solutions to your clients' needs.

Whether it's the product you've passionately developed or the service you dedicate yourself to every day, it's all about meeting a need. And that solution, that product or service, is something you know better than anyone else. That’s why you are the right person to communicate your message (and therefore, do the marketing).


no one is you

& that is your super power

marketing services

Boost your digital marketing knowledge with thematic courses.


Learn to create your own marketing strategy and communication plan.

Develop your online business from financial plan to relocation plan. 



client love


The workshops are very educational and interesting. And they go beyond marketing.

You immediately want to go more into depth.


I gained so many valuable insights.

These insights go beyond pure marketing, thanks to the well-prepared assingments.


Without you, I wouldn't have come this far in the process of digital marketing. An inspiring journey!



Why Just Jane Marketing?

I think alongside you, from the perspective of your business, not from a one-size-fits-all approach.


My goal is to provide you with all of the knowledge and tools to write your own marketing story. Because as a passionate entrepreneur, you know your product or service like no one else. So who is better qualified to craft the marketing narrative than yourself?

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